Wireless Mobile Data Company (WiMD) is a young and aspiring privately owned company (licensed sub-ISP) offering high speed wireless internet and data solutions to residential and corporate customers in Kuwait. WiMD is the only company in Kuwait offering genuine broadband speeds over wireless infrastructure.

Following the well-received introduction of WiMD’s Wireless Broadband solution to the residential market in 2012—the company has been connecting corporate clients since 2010—WiMD aspires to become one of the most distinguished telecommunication companies in Kuwait by establishing the country’s first expansive WiFi network. The network is in a continuous state of evolution and making great strides towards reaching nation-wide coverage.

Our Vision

We see a future where broadband in Kuwait is as commonly accessible as electricity and running water.

WiMD wants to make broadband available everywhere—even on the road. High speed internet is becoming a way of life for many in the world and we are committed to see this change through in the state of Kuwait.

To remain steadfast in realizing our ambitions and forging ahead our expansion, we at WiMD follow a set of key tenets crucial to our success:

  • Transparency and honesty- Our credibility is important to us and we are certain this is why people come to us. We’ll tell it like it is because we know no one wants to be misled.
  • Passion- We cannot mask our emotions towards our work because we know what we do changes people’s internet experience and therefore transforms their lives.
  • Art and humility- Everything we do is meant to be simple and clean in design. With every learning experience, we work smarter and harder.
  • Collaborative synergy- Working together always gets the job done better and faster.
  • Punctuality- Time is money—a timeless metaphor we adhere by because at the end of the day we bank on customer satisfaction.
  • Contentment- The only sense of satisfaction we indulge in is when we hear our users’ awestruck feedback.