Wireless Broadband – home users

WiMD has effectively shattered Kuwait’s internet speed barrier. High speeds thought to be unachievable are now being put to daily use by our customers.
Some call it wireless DSL, WiMD’s Wireless Broadband delivers high speed internet to homes across the country without the need for a landline. All we need is to find line of sight from your roof to one of our towers and you’re ready to go.

Benefits at a glance

  • High broadband speed – Whether you opt for our entry level 6 Mbps connection or go for the phenomenal 15 Mbps, your subscription with WiMD is something you’ve never experienced before.
  • Exceptional download/upload ratio – Expect upload speeds higher than anything in the market because of the free flowing nature of WiMD’s wireless technology and infrastructure.
  • Dedicated bandwidth – Whichever speed you choose, we guarantee you a pipe the width of your subscription. In other words, you will get your bandwidth at all times!
  • No landline required – Our connection is wireless and doesn’t need a landline to work. This means you won’t have to worry about the speed limitations of your landline. An antenna is simply installed on your roof and connected to a router via an Ethernet cable inside your home.
  • Unlimited usage – We don’t have any limitations or hidden usage policies, in fact we always encourage our clients to make good use of their connections.